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Scenic View Campground was established in 2017.

Development of the grounds began in the fall of 2014 when the 3.5 acre pond was developed.

Bar & Grill

After the completion of the pond, construction of the Bar & Grill began, and in May of 2017, Scenic View Campground Bar & Grill was opened. Opening night set a high bar for what was to come!

Since opening night, the Bar & Grill has become the go-to gathering place in the area. Not only is it a bar and grill, but we also do catering, event rentals, live entertainment, and we’re open to snowmobiles throughout the winter. We’re growing fast, and always making changes along the way to improve our customers’ experience. Don’t let the word “bar” fool you; our typical Friday night is the perfect atmosphere for families to enjoy a meal together.

Bar and Grill

Scenic View Campground

While the Bar & Grill was growing rapidly throughout 2017, the Campground wasn’t far behind. While mostly under construction throughout the 2017 season, the Campground’s Grand Opening was in May of 2018, and grand it was! With the beautiful grounds nearly full, there was much fun all around.

Scenic View Campgrounds at sunset

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We’re always improving on what we already have. Don’t be surprised if you come back each year to see something new and improved!

As for our name, see for yourself!

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